Training Management Support Coordinator

Training Management Support Coordinator – Lackland, San Antonio, TX Provides necessary training support to the activity while ensuring compliance with the guidelines, references, and directives mandated by CENSECFOR and higher authority. Works closely with the NTTC Lackland Director of Training (DOT), Course Supervisors (CS) and other training personnel, both military and government civilians, at the [...]

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Enhanced Organizational Vehicle Maintenance Manager

 Enhanced Organizational Vehicle Maintenance Manager – Lackland, San Antonio, TX Provides management support by generating reports, logistics documents, technical reference updates, and maintenance documents, as well as system maintenance and troubleshooting. Specific tasks include: Tracks the status of all government vehicles at NTTC Lackland for overall condition, mileage, availability of vehicle, usage history, previously completed [...]

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Logistics Program Manager – Yorktown, Virginia

Logistics Program Manager – Yorktown, Virginia (Non-IT)  Looking for an experienced Program Manager to manage all aspects of a Program.  The Program Manager will be responsible for the personnel and their performance on the contract, cost controls, quality control and overall ensuring compliance. The PM will formulate, plan, organize and execute contract related activities that [...]

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