Seaport Enhanced –

Leading Solutions and our team members are proud to support the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps on the SeaPort-e IDIQ contract. Our team is committed to providing exceptional services in the multiple functional areas identified for support. Our Team is committed to providing quality, compliant services that will support the mission requirements for the Department of the Navy.

Contract Number:


Program Manager:

Theresa Dinwiddie (407) 978-6376

Customer Satisfaction:

Jon Herbst (407) 978-6418

QA Program:

Leading Solutions performs its quality assurance on products and services throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, ensuring we actively manage and measure program performance and outcomes against standards and acceptable quality levels.  For each project the specific QA processes, procedures, and required standards are documented as part of our Program Management Plan (PMP).  The PMP includes multiple elements including the QA processes, procedures, standards, and acceptable quality levels for the contract’s products and services.  We strenuously analyze and review each requirement to identify requirements and potential problem areas, then use our experience to mitigate issues before they occur. Product and service quality is formally checked through multiple means such as surveillance, different types of technical reviews, audits, feedback mechanisms, and management reviews. All QA requirements and standards will flow down to subcontractors performing work on projects within their issued task orders.  Leading Solutions focuses on continuous improvement of our organization’s overall performance through rigorous reviews of performance and processes, which are supported by leadership and management through regular reviews and analyses of performance data.  This improves our ability to ensure higher quality performance and compliance.

Our Task Orders:

TO NumberZoneAward DateTitleDescription
N0024417F3000Zone - 61/17/2017Logistics Support ServicesLogistics and Administrative Support Services for NAVSUP